About company

Who are we?

Yarn – it is at the center of our interest.

We produce, import and deliver natural, artificial and synthetic yarns to clients.


Our export department supports hundreds of customers. Our products reach almost all European countries. 40 percent of the company’s turnover comes from foreign sales.


We are one of the largest European distributors of textile and technical yarns. We have a network of our own warehouses in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and Italy.


In Poland we are the undisputed leader of yarn industry. For over 20 years we have gained the trust of thousands of producers and provided them with the raw material needed for their production.

Why us?

Our product managers are well versed in yarn industry. It is not only their work but also their passion.


Their seniority allows them to provide professional advice and quick determination of customers’ needs.


They speak several languages and they constantly travel to know what are the trends and current opportunities in the world.They import yarns from all corners of the world.


Cooperation with local purchasing managers in several Asian countries guarantees smooth and fast logistics.


We want to take care of clients from “A” to “Z”, which is why we deal with the purchase, dyeing, transport and storage of yarns. Each of our two warehouses in Poland is able to accommodate 4,000 – 5,000 tons of yarn.



The beginnings of LEGS in Aleksandrów Łódzki

Main products: hosiery yarns (Nylon and Elastane)


Inauguration of the first production division

(Giudici texturizing machines)


Our range of products is expanded by the introduction of polyester yarns


Inauguration of the air-covering division

(Giudici, Menegatto, SSM machines)


Our range of products is expanded by the introduction of cotton yarns


Inauguration of the covering division

(Ratti machines)


Inauguration of a modern dye-house in Zgierz


Doubling Manufacturing Capacity of PA66 textured yarns


LEGS was ranked 1st in Lodz region in the prestigious Forbes Diamonds' ranking


The beginning of dyeing of polyamide textured yarns in hanks (in muffins)


New dyeing equipment, increasing the production capacity of our dye-house


Increase in the company’s export sales- Western Europe


New high-bay warehouse

(approximately 3,000 tonnes of new storage capacity)


Do you need a lot of yarn? For us it is not a problem.


We will deliver it to you quickly and efficiently. From one of our warehouses in Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy or  Romania. Our secret is a modern high-storage system combined with professional IT tools.


We have exactly what you need in warehouses as we know the market needs. If we will not be able to give you this at once, we will bring you the ideal goods from a faraway corner of the world. 20 percent of yarns are imported to order, the remaining 80 percent are located in our warehouses and ready to satisfy customers’ needs.