About company

We are a Polish company with foreign capital and one of the largest European distributors of textile and technical yarns.

  • We have a network of our own warehouses in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and Italy.
  • We produce, import and sell natural, artificial and synthetic yarns.
  • We offer what is on top, we follow trends and know what are the current market needs in Poland and Europe

Our Offer


Our latest investment – thanks to a EU subsidy – is a dye house equipped with cutting-edge German Thies systems

Our mission Our mission

Our mission

We want to be a reliable partner for every European company that uses yarns as the basic raw material in the production process.

If you need yarn, we will provide you with: quality, delivery, the best price, as well as professional advice and knowledge, since yarn is our business.

Our Vision

We have the ambition to keep growing in order to become a leading European supplier of yarn with a stable financial situation.