Cotton / Polyester Yarns with snowflakes mélange effect

Dear Customers,

We are pleased to inform you that we can now offer you :

  • ringspun mélange  yarns ( grey mélange 10% black fiber ) with fancy polyester neps

for production of high quality knitted and woven fabrics.


Right now, on stock we have following counts  available for prompt sales :

  • 30 Ne x 1 = 50 Nm x 1 = 20 tex x 1 polyester 50% / cotton combed 50% in 10% black mélange with 2,5% black polyester neps content
  • 30 Ne x 1 = 50 Nm x 1 = 20 tex x 1 polyester 50% / viscose 50% in 10% black mélange with 2,5% black polyester neps content


All yarns we have currently on stock are waxed for knitting, but we are able to provide the weaving yarns not waxed as well.

These yarns are produced in Asia and in the future we can provide this type of yarns in the counts ranging from 6 Ne = 10 Nm = 100 tex à 40 Ne = 68 Nm = 15 tex

We have decided to start with 10% black mélange, according to us this mélange shade the most optimally fits with black neps, but for an individual project we can provide with mélange blends ranging from from 1% to 99 % of black fiber content.If the mélange shade is darker than 50% black, instead of black neps, we will use for the yarn production, raw white neps.

In addition, we can also provide a yarn with a slightly lower or slighty higher content of the polyester neps ( in the range of 1% to 5%) – but we believe that we have chosen 2.5% most optimally and it looks best at the knitted/woven fabrics

Black fiber used to produce these yarns ( both mélange effect and neps ) it is a black dope dyed polyester fiber. For this reason it is a very low-cost in production.Accordingly, the above-mentioned yarns have very competitive prices and also knitted / woven fabrics out of these yarns don’t need to be dyed – it is enough to heatset and wash the fabricThis means that the knitted / woven out of such yarns will be produced in a low cost which will contribute to competitive prices of your knitted /woven fabrics. Of course after knitting / weaving, we can also have further dyeing or cross dying on raw white component in 1 or 2 dye baths So as a result we can obtain the mélange in two or three colors.50% of the cotton or viscose fiber content results in nobility and natural grip / look of the fabric


If you have any technical questions or doubts concerning the yarns, please do not hesitate to contact our sales representative in charge of your area.