Mélange effect SIRO yarns

Dear Customers,

Due to the big interest in cotton combed yarns with fancy mélange effect we decided to diversify our offer.

We can now offer you some new mélange effect SIRO yarns.

SIRO Technology means that two yarn rovings enter one spindle (one spinning point) and ultimately give one final yarn.  Normally, in standard RING yarns, one yarn roving enters one spindle and gives one final yarn. These two rovings at SIRO spinning process twist among themselves for the final spinning count. The mélange effect is achieved because one roving is raw white and the other one is black (or any different color).  This effect looks as if two different yarns were twisted together mechanically and it is cost effective technology.

If we really would like to twist mechanically two yarns (one black, one white) this process would be very expensive as we would have to twist two very fine counts like 60/1 Ne and, what is more, one of the yarns would have to be black.

This is then the only cost effective technology and additionally it gives much better quality of the knitted fabric due to:

  • Lower number of thick & thin places on the yarns and as well neps – the yarn is more even
  • Lower hairiness (lower pilling)
  • Higher tenacity of the yarn

All our new yarns are waxed for knitting, available on stock in the following count: 30 Ne x 1 = 20 tex x 1 = 50 Nm x 1, they are produced in India. If you need any other yarn count in this mélange effect, we can deliver it within 10 weeks.

If you have any technical questions or doubts concerning the yarns, please do not hesitate to contact our sales representative in charge of your area.